Joining Roleplay Oasis Where with enough imagination a whole new world opens up!

How to Join Roleplay Oasis:

Looking to join Roleplay Oasis then look no further than this page. All you have to do is pick the package you want and pay for it in paypal. You will have to enter the dollar amount. Then copy and paste the receipt with the information below filled out. The form must be filled out so we know exactly who is getting the membership. Any questions please seek out one of our many Admins they will be happy to assist you.

New Room requirements:

At least one paying member required for a new room.

New rooms are $25.00.

If you have two unique supporting paying members then your room would be free of cost. Unique supporting paying members meaning they apply their membership to your room. If they already have it attached to another room, then this would not count.

Change of name or Moving room location from one section to another will be a charge of $25.00.

Sub rooms are $15. If you have three supporting paying members, then you may receive your subroom at no cost.

Memberships: (All memberships come with one perk.)

3 month membership = $15.00

6 months = $25.00

1 year membership = $35.00

Each additional perk is $5.00 for 3 month memberships and 6 month memberships or $10 for one year membership.

Our extra Perks

Private Room ( Please provide the title of the private room and the password that will be needed to enter it)

Message Board ( Please provide the title of the message board)

50 mb extra storage

CopperMine ( yes folks that is right we have CopperMine)

An Email, if you want an email people of rp can reach you without giving away your normal. You can get it right here.

*Rooms with 3 or more paying members* Rooms with three or more paying members will be given special recognition on the MB and whochat (in the form of a thank you banner). Special promotions will be given dedicated support from our Staff and Admins. Plus a free 6 month membership for the room leader to use as they wish. Every year this will continue so long as three active paying (unique) members are supporting the room.

Change of name or Moving room location from one section to another will be a charge of $25.00.

Template to fill out and send back to Darkthorne via boards

Contact Name:

Account username:

Account password:

Reserved Name desired:

Email address:

Membership Type: (length and package)

Perk choices for the perks included in the membership package (including the specified information):

Additional Perks purchased (if any):

Referred by:

Copy of the FULL paypal receipt that was sent to your email: